Tis the season: Part 3 - Homemade Christmas cards

Here we are again folks, another Sunday and another Christmas craft. I have been really enjoying my various crafts and this one in particular- I have been so excited to share them with you!!

So today I am sharing with you my home made Christmas cards- made with a hint of inspiration from Pinterest and a lot of my own imagination!

It all started when I saw these beautiful cards on Pinterest:

Card one Source, Card two source, Card three source

Of course, mine did not turn out looking as exquisitely professional as these but I had fun making them and that was the whole point!

To make my cards I purchased a whole lot of card in various colours and some Christmas stamps and coloured ink in black, gold and silver. I raided my own ribbon, button and fabric scrap collection and got to work and here is what I came up with:

I used a mixture of card, fabric and buttons to make a selection of individual cards, no one card is the same and that makes them more special! My Pinterest inspired cards turned out well, quirky in their own way..

Four little stockings hanging in a row made using a selection of fabric, including some Cath K designs.
Inspired by the card I found on Pinterest.

Some cute button baubles hanging from some East of India
ribbon. I love the effect of this one and it was so very easy to make.

After failing miserably at the beaded bauble card I made a fabric bauble card instead, complete with bow and ribbon which looks lovely. Be warned that if you try the beaded bauble card make sure you have patience and good glue!

After being inspired by the cards on Pinterest I decided to try some of my own designs and I am glad that i did:

I cut up an old book to make a tree and star design and used my Christmas stamp
to create the gift tag design. The window design was more experimental and I love the way
it turned out.

And my three favourite cards came from a sudden burst of inspiration and some help from printable templates:

Look at them standing there! I love these designs so much that I am going to make more of them.
I found templates online very easily by searching on google and used them to cut out the fabric,
this idea is perfect for using up fabric scraps and
they look truly handmade and lovely. You could use any template you want as well!

I also made a fabric snowman, using three circles in different fabrics and a ribbon star made by overlapping six ribbons into a star shape and placing a button in the middle.

As you can see, my loved ones will be getting some unique cards this year and each of them made with love! So, if you hadn't considered the fun of card making before then give it a go before you run out of time. The best part of making cards, for me, was the fact that you can come up with whatever idea you like and have some real fun putting the idea onto paper! It really is a treat! Let me know how you get on won't you?

Coming up next in my Christmas craft series I will be sharing my Christmas decor inspiration, Christmas wrapping ideas and some mince meat treats!

With love,



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