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I have been away visiting wonderful people this weekend in between catching up with many chores and preparing for my pending holiday (Less than a week to go people). While out and about I was lucky enough to pay a visit to one of my most favourite shops on this earth...the Laura Ashley outlet store in Taplow, Buckinghamshire! It is a wondrous place full of treasures and treats and ridiculous prices and if you're really smart you can walk away with some real bargains.

I have only been twice in my life and the last time I left with a whole lot of Laura Ashley fabric for about £5.00 total (and I'm talking metres of the stuff) a roll of wallpaper that was a little bit battered at the edges..perfect for crafting! And some sample paints at about £1 a pot. So this time I knew exactly what to aim for at this place of wonders!

Unfortunately, this time around there was much less in the way of fabric remnants, offcuts and end of roll bargains but I did manage to grab a huge single curtain in the most sumptuous parisian chic fabric for £5!! and a metre of the lovliest cottage rose print fabric for £7 (much less than retail price). I also picked up some more sample pots ready for my next project idea which I hope to sell on Etsy very soon!

We took a quick detour to Ikea which also has a sale on and I picked up some of their bargainous wooden paintable photo frames..also for my next project :).

I thought I would share an image of the beautiful fabrics just for you...I love them!

The pale coloured fabric with the burgundy/pink floral swirls is the curtain, it's almsost too good to cut into pieces but I keep thinking of all the wonderful things I could make with it and it really is a huge pieces of fabric. The country rose burgundy fabric is just wonderful!!

I urge you sweet followers living in the UK, if you adore Laura Ashley, you must seek out this outlet because it's something quite close to heaven decorated in Laura Ashley prints!!!

Have a lovely Sunday,



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