I've had another productive Sunday- I didn't have much of a choice today as the weather has been spectacularly rubbish. I tackled a new craft- partly because I wanted to add it to my repertoire and partly for my next craft swap with another talented friend of mine that for purposes of keeping the surprise intact, shall remain nameless. Fabric buttons are so adorable don't you think and as it turns out, very simple to make although it did take some trial and error!

After a little experimentation I was left with some darling little Cath Kidston buttons. The ones attached to the blue starry card are for my next craft swap...and the bigger ones are just left overs! Now all I need to do is purchase tonnes of buttons from ebay and make more and more!

The blue card, by the way, was cut from the back of some cupcake boxes (from M&S). The boxes were far too pretty to throw out so I cut up as much of it as I could...just goes to show that you can recycle and upcycle anything if you keep an eye out!


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