The Book Roulette

As an avid book collector and an English literature graduate I can say that for me, there are few things more wonderful than books. The lovely and intelligent Cory Hughes definitely agrees with me on this and it was for this reason that I recently decided to play her little game of book roulette on her delightful blog (Picnic, Lightning).

I was lucky number 17 and thankfully didn't end up with a book that I had never read (believe me there are many).

Cory featured my contribution on her blog today and it made me smile when I saw it so I thought I would share it with you. Also, I'm really quite proud of it!! Click here and have a little look and while you're there why not look around, it's a great blog! (She was also kind enough to promote my little blog so I should do the same too I think)

Happy Wednesday!


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