Lexie in Edinburgh

Hi petals.

I have had the pleasure this weekend of spending some time in Edinburgh. Although Saturday and Sunday were filled with work, work and more work I spent Friday afternoon in Edinburgh, exploring the city for the first time.
Edinburgh has been on my bucket list for a long while so it is nice to have finally been there. Now I am desperate to go back.

We had afternoon tea at The Georgian Tea Room at The Dome which had been decorated for Christmas and looked exquisitely beautiful. And we walked and walked and walked through winding cobble streets. We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset with the sound of bagpipes in the distance.

I took plenty of photos despite it being quite dusky while we were there and I wanted to share a few. Enjoy.

Edinburgh has captured my heart and I am smitten.

Well that's it from me for now. I am exhausted so I am off to snuggle down and rest my tired eyes.



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  1. Oh Edinburgh is on my wish list of places to visit! Looks absolutely beautiful.
    Victoria xx

  2. It looks lovely, and you are so right about that sunset, it's gorgeous x x x x


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