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I'm here. I'm sorry. I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth, I have just been a terrible blogger with nothing to tell you about. Is a silent blog better than a boring blog? I don't know but I didn't want to risk boring you all with pointless posts.

I have been busy of late, occupying myself with little pleasures (and bigger pleasures) that make life a bit more special.

So what have the last few weeks been filled with?

Well last weekend was filled with these smiling lovely faces..

I spent a sunny saturday with my darling nephew Sam and Niece Emma. We sang, played in the park and watered the flowers..

And we had tickle fights and enjoyed the loveliness of my dad and step mum's garden. What bliss.

Lately everything seems to be a bit cluttered, in my home and in my head. My house seems to get messier by the second and that makes for a messy mind in my case. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend to de-stress and de-clutter.

Other than spending time with my family my week has mostly revolved around a shiny new arrival of the Iphone 4s kind..I loved my 3gs but you won't get me going back to that, no no. I have been walking around the place trying to find reasons to photograph things with the wonderful Iphone camera..finally some good quality instagram photos! You can see the latest photos just over there to the left. If you're an instagrammer feel free to follow me @lexie_b29. I'll see you there.

Sadly, I have not been very creative of late..boo, hiss! I know, terrible of me. But I will make an effort to show you my exploration into rose decals from a few weeks ago..it'll be thrilling!

One last thing before I toddle off...I was very pleased to be award the 'One lovely blog' award by the sweetest of sweeties Mrs Thrifty. Thank you! I accept it with gratitude but will play along another time I think.

So tell me petals, what's new with you?

With love,


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  1. Your niece and nephew look very sweet with a definite mischievous twinkle in your nephew's eye :)
    Enjoy your quiet weekend. x

  2. Don't feel you have to blog so much that you don't have time to relax. Your blog, and your beautiful pictures, brought the richness of that lovely afternoon to all of us. If you'd stayed on the computer you couldn't have done that. x

  3. It's not just me then! I am finding I'm being a poor blogger at the moment, I still read everyone's blogs but don't always comment. I'm trying to find inspiration for blog posts and as I'm not being very creative at the mo (apart from changing my blogs design!)it's not easy. Maybe sometimes we just need a bloggy holiday? Pleased you're back and I enjoyed seeing your Dad and SM s garden and your cute nephew and niece. XXXX

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