Awake my soul

Hello petals..guess who's back!

Yes, I am well and truly home from my holidays. My days of traipsing around Cornwall feel far behind and everything is grey and London like again! I returned home yesterday to a leaking toilet and a horrifically overgrown garden..(In two weeks...really!?!) There was lavender growing every-which way but upwards..and a whole host of opportunistic weeds that had taken over!

So I was suddenly feeling a little bleary, a little bit like my holiday was a long time ago..was I really strolling along a beach 22 hours previously?

Having said that, my holiday was blissful. It was long and relaxed and although we were plagued by horrid cloudy weather, a good time was had by all. There will be a controlled amount of pictures to follow over the next few days. 

So I have been pottering around, trying to make the house feel more lived in again..it can feel pretty empty after two weeks. 

My garden was too chaotic for me to be able to ignore it for long and while tidying up  I brought some of my roses inside to brighten things up..

That's better!
I started unpacking, starting with all my new things, that's the best part isn't it?..After washing up my lovely new china, my draining board looked rather nice! Yes, everything in this picture is new (to me) and all found in Cornwall. But I will do a separate post about my thrifty Cornish treasures and the adventure I had finding them! For now, a sneaky peaky.

Pastel green china...finally!
And, it's always nice to find a home for new pretty things...my first piece of Greengate crockery, a dotty spoon, found in a little shop in Port Isaac.

This spoon storage idea was shamefully stolen from
the lovely Coco Rose Diaries. And it is a rather poor attempt
in comparison!
But the best thing about coming home after two weeks, is the friendly face that waits for me. I think he missed me a whole lot, he hasn't left my side!

 So that's me, trying to get back into the swing of things and missing my family dreadfully! And oh how I am dreading Monday morning.

A quick hello to my lovely new followers! So nice to have you here.

With love,


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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday, hopefully Monday won't be too horrid! Can't wait to see your post on your holiday purchases. XX

  2. Welcome back Lexie! Sounds like you had a blissful time away! Loving the vintage finds, can't wait to see more!
    Victoria xx

  3. Yaaay, you're back! So excited to see your holiday treasures. And Austen is such a cutie-pie!
    xo Julie

  4. Sounds like your holiday was truly relaxing :)
    It's always so odd coming home again, isn't it?
    I find the house feels so still!
    Lovely collection of chino, very envious!!
    Sue x

  5. Although it is nice being away, I always kind of love coming back home. After all there is no place like home :) I agree on the city part though, there is nothing quite like a lovely country road, especially those in Cornwall lined with Foxgloves, they looked so pretty :) x x x x

  6. I do get a lot of great ideas from Vanessa's blog. Your cup is so cute. Congrats on now owning some Greengate. I was thrilled to recently acquire a piece of Pip Studio here in the United States. Quite a delightful surprise for me :-)


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