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Hi ladies and a good evening to you..

Do you know what today was? Today was my last day in work for 17 whole days! That's right petals..I am officially on holiday! Cue many celebrations and some frantic packing and organizing!

I just wanted to stop by today for two reasons...firstly to say a big, smiley hello to my new followers. Hi guys!! Thanks so much for joining me on my blogging adventure, you are eternally welcome here! I will be checking out your blogs very soon..I love finding new blogs to fall in love with! 

Unfortunately though, you have stumbled upon my blog at a time when I am about to go on hiatus. But fear not, there is a WiFi connection where I am headed so I'm sure I will have time to stop by and share a photo or two of what will probably be a very wet, rainy Cornwall.

But, before I head off down the M4 to the countryside and beyond I just wanted to share some of the things that have been keeping me busy these last two weeks or so..

1. I have been busy renewing my holiday wardrobe and in the hope of some sunshine I decorated a straw trilby hat with some glorious ditsy print binding. It will be perfect if the sun shines! 

2. Packing has begun in earnest and in an attempt to convince myself to catch up on all those books I have been collecting I have packed them...they will be read...or at least, I will really try to convince myself to read them. 

3. After a long week and the growing weariness that comes from 6 months without a real break from work and day to day life, my calendar made me all kinds of smiley when I finally remembered to flip it over to June. Thanks calendar!

4. Lastly, not content with just the hat, I also madeover a plain beige belt..it had two gold bars across it, now they are two beautiful floral bars..perfect! No sun required for this little beauty.

And that's me for now, wish me well on my jolly holiday. I am hoping for laughter, flea markets, lovely photos and superb memories and the joy that comes from being back in the beautiful English countryside..just where I belong. 

With love,



P.S Have you heard the word about the Cath Kidston summer sale...!!!!


  1. Have a lovely, hopefully sunny, holiday x

  2. Enjoy your holiday..have fun!! I look forward to seeing what you were up to.
    Wishing you some lovely sunny days :)
    Magie x

  3. Oh have a lovely holiday Lexie! Loving your up cycled hat and belt! That tape is soooooo pretty!
    Victoria xx

  4. Oh I really hope for our sake that we get to experience some sushine while we are there. Have a lovely time. I look forward to comparing photos when you get back :) x x x x

  5. Was such a delight discovering and exploring your beautiful blog today. Looking forward to visiting again soon. In the meantime, enjoy your well-deserved holiday!

  6. Ha ha I arrive home as you go away - have a marvellous time and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures xx

  7. Hope you have a wonderful holiday Miss Lexie! Sending lots of sunshine and relaxation!
    xo Julie
    ♥Julie Rose Sews♥

  8. Hiya Lexie,
    Thank you so very kindly for your sweet comment over on mine....
    Hoping you are having a superb hol!
    Your book collection looks like, it will keep you going nicely....
    Didn't know about 'cath Kidson' ooh gonna have a browse!!
    Maria x

  9. LOVE that hat! How sweet :)
    So jealous that you're on holiday, I just came back and I'm ready to go again!
    Sue xx

  10. hey lexie - and pleased to 'meet' you! I've just had a little read through your recent posts and can see why you'd like to win my giveaway. ( I did a literature degree too - didn't lead me to my dream job but I loved it!)
    have happy hols - we are quietly counting down the sleeps til our (3 week!! wooop) annual pilgrimage to France - whilst trying to enjoy every day for the day itself.
    fee x

  11. Hello Lexie.,

    Have a great time on holiday! Look forward to pics ....where are you off to? Love the hat just right and not too much decor.

    Amanda :-)

  12. I just found your blog- I love you flat and craft ideas!! I hope you had a lovely holiday. If you are anything like me you will have thought of a whole load of craft projects to start when you get home though!! xx


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