Bring me sunshine...

Please do bring me sunshine if you can..I would be eternally in your debt!

Anyway..hello petals!

I am stopping by today to share my excitement...yesterday I was awarded the sunshine award by Amanda from Crafty in the Med. I was so unbelievably excited to receive this award, it is my first blog award and for that reason it really means a lot to me.

Blogging has been so much fun for me and I enjoy having it in my life, I have been meeting some lovely, talented people and to have appreciation from some of those people is just wonderful.

Amanda, you made my week...thank you so much for counting me in your ten nominees. If you haven't visited Amanda before then do please pay her visit and marvel at her sunny Spanish lifestyle!

The rules for this award are this:

  • Thank the blogger than was sweet enough to nominate you..
  • Answer the questions about your favourite things..
  • nominate 10 of your favourite blogs (Not mandatory)

So now it falls to me to fulfill the requirements of this lovely award and first there are some questions for me to answer..please know that I am awful at choosing one favourite thing so don't be surprised if I have two, three or four favourites..

Favourite Animal:

Horses and Cats in equal measures, more specifically this cat...

Favourite Number:

12...I couldn't tell you why, it just always has been.

Favourite non alcoholic drink:

Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi

Facebook or Twitter:

Definitely Facebook although I do enjoy stalking celebrities on twitter!!

My Passion:

Most definitely my family! I also get very passionate about the places that mean the most to me..Wales, The Dordogne, Paris, New York and Cornwall to name but a few of them...there is also, of course, my love of tea cups...

Getting or giving presents:

Giving..no getting..no giving...no! It has to be both, I simply love thinking up present ideas, planning, wrapping..trying to keep the surprise. But, I love to get gifts too..who doesn't?

Favourite pattern:

I am addicted to florals. I love to wear ditsy floral prints and my home is covered in vintage style rose prints..

Favourite day of the week:

Friday...specifically Friday evening..it's the best feeling!

Favourite flower:

Fragrant climbing roses, sweetpeas and vanilla scented Nemisia..

Favourite Country: 

France :) Most of my family are there and I have wonderful memories of lovely sunny summers with them.

So there you have it!

Now I have a bit of a dilemma because all of my most favourite bloggers have either recently received this award or would not partake in it. So, this time I will not be nominating anyone..although that's not to say none of the blogs I follow are worth it..quite the opposite..everyone in my blog list deserves this award..and that's why you've already received it from other people...

Thank you again Amanda.



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  1. Well done Lexie you phrased and settled that rather well...it is very very difficult to choose the nominees and I'll echo what you have said everyone in my blog list deserves a Sunshine award :-)

    Enjoy your favourite time of the week now :-)

    A x


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