Adorned in flowers: Flower broach tutorial

Hi, hello and good afternoon.

I am feeling much more awake today. I have tidied my garden, pruned my monstrously huge clematis and rose bushes (both of which seem to have grown about 4 feet in all this rain) and done a good deal of relaxing in my pyjamas, as one should on a cold bank holiday weekend.

I have saved some time in between gardening and laying about like a lazy vegetable to post a tutorial that I have been using to make some lovely flower broaches..and trust me, they really are lovely and super easy to make as well! I don't often share tutorials, because I don't often use them but this one is a favourite of mine.

So let's start at the end with the finished product. These are three broaches that I made to sell at my boot sale.

The premise is really simple, you start with 10 identical circles of fabric...a small amount of sewing, a button, a smaller felt circle, a broach pin and a smudge of glue later and you are left with these little treasures.

The tutorial comes courtesy of Little Livingstone who has many other wonderful tutorials to share as well, but this particular one caught my eye while perusing Pinterest one day and it has become a 'go-to' make for birthdays and indeed boot sales!! 

To see how they should look and how easy they are, have a little look at the very well written tutorial here and make yourself and your loved ones a broach for every day, every mood and every outfit!

Happy making!

Lexie x x x

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  1. These are beautiful, Lexie - what a gorgeous little make - the fabrics are lovely!

    Jem xXx

  2. These brooches look very sweet and lovely.


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