Tea set of the week...and bunting!

Well my unexpected weekend at home has been rather productive. Yesterday I posted about my triumphant completion of operation vintage trunk makeover. I also mentioned that I planned to make lots of loveliness in preparation for my stall at my local boot sale in a few weeks. And that, my dears, is what I am here to share with you today..well that and a rather beautiful tea set...I know how much you love them!

First things first, this tea set was part of a job lot of odd china that I found on Ebay for an incredible price. My plan is to sell it all on. Sadly, when I received the package full of china wonderfulness...the cup was missing its saucer and plate. A week or so later and the nice Ebayer seller had sent me the missing pieces and the matching sugar bowl as a gesture. Needless to say I won't be selling this set! It's far too lovely and definitely deserving of the 'Tea set of the week' accolade. Do you like it..?

And so, on to my lovely Sunday creations..

I made mini bunting, not so mini bunting and I made over an old cd storage box to sell on. It really was the most hideously garish polka dot design and I was planning to sell it anyway. I just thought it needed beautifying a little first. I painted it in a pale blue colour and covered the top with some sample rose print wallpaper that I got free from an online wallpaper website. (try it if you want to stock up on beautiful papers). The box isn't finished, I need to glue down the edges of the paper once the paint is completely dry.

As for the not so mini bunting, it was my first attempt at making traditional bunting and it was much easier than I thought.

I am a little bit in love with the colour and fabric combination and I am loathed to part with it..but I will..and I'll just have to make some for myself won't I.

I hope you have all had a nice weekend..don't they go quickly!

Lots of love,


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