One week in April

As I type this, the sun is shining for the first time in what feels like a lifetime. Better not jinx it and scare it away. I hope you have been keeping clear of the wind and rain! Talk about April showers. I have had a fairly normal week but I decided to capture some moments to share with you all (Thanks to the wonders of Instagram)

The constant rainfall has had an effect on my garden in several ways, one of the better ones being that everything is now monstrously huge. Rainfall obviously leads to growth spurts..who knew. The worst effect has to be the damage caused to my lovely flowering plants. My poor lilac had one almost completely flowered bud and it got battered by the wind and rain and this morning I found it on the floor. Now I have a very flowerless lilac! Still, it looks rather lovely in the mini jug and saucer that my mum gave me yesterday. That brings me on nicely to my trip to Wales yesterday. My Granny was visiting from France so I loaded up the car with siblings and off we went to sunny (for a short while) Wales. We had a really lovely day! And the blue sky was very welcome.

Today I have been pressing on with my bootsale makes so that I have lots of lovely things to sell. My CD storage box makeover is complete, and the lace trim is a lovely touch. And I have lots of circles and hearts to make hanging hearts and flower broaches with. I will share the tutorials with you, one day some day soon. I promise.

In other news, I will be welcoming a new addition into my life very soon. No, not that! Not that either. I will finally be purchasing the DSLR camera I have been pining over for many many many months before my current (beloved) camera gives up completely. It's a great little camera but I have outgrown it and the quality is not what it used to be. So it's time to bring in the bigger guns! I am so unbelievably excited to get back into the photography routine that I used to enjoy so much.

That is all from me today, but I will leave you with one final thing..my kitty Mr Austen wants to say hello..everybody wave!

Lots of love petals,


x x x


  1. excited to read about the camera, have missed your photos. What are you getting?

  2. It's a Cannon EOS1100d! I'm sooo excited!


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