I remember..

I remember the easter egg hunts and the climbing frame at the bottom of your garden. I remember your summer BBQ's and New Years Eve parties. I remember always thinking that you looked so much like my dad but your grin was cheekier, like you were up to mischief. I remember how you let me play your piano for hours, you'd ask me if I was having fun, even though I was making a dreadful noise. I remember how you watched the plays that we put together in your living room and you laughed. I remember how happy I always felt when we pulled up to your driveway. I remember how you always sent me birthday cards and Christmas cards, even though I never did and I remember the hugs you gave me every time you saw me. I remember how time passed, how things changed. I remember how I became too familiar with the feeling of not seeing you in a long while. I remember the regret.

But most of all, I remember you, I remember how I always felt lucky to have such a great uncle, I remember feeling like the luckiest little niece. I remember deciding that no memory or regret can beat that.

I will always remember.

Rest well uncle Steve. Thank you.

"The wind curled through the trees on the night you went away, I pray it carried you safe"


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